A Quick Link for State’s Rights and a Modest Proposal

So, two things:

One, if you are newly interested in states rights, constitutional law, state nullification of federal laws, or are just curious as to what any of that even means, then there  is an article by Peter Heck  over at OneNewsNow, that is well worth reading.

And two, I’m  curious as to how many people would be interested in doing a study of the Constitution together on this site (or maybe a site built for doing just that). What I’m thinking is one or two posts a week, starting with a little bit of introduction on the colonies, their charters and the nature of their authority, the reasons for their separation from the king of England, their reasoning for their ability to make such a separation, and then working our way article by article and paragraph by paragraph through the Constitution itself. I realize I haven’t been that active on the blog and so I have no idea how many people are interested, but if you are interested, please leave a comment and I’ll figure out if it’s worth doing or not.