I’ve been sick for the past week or so, but it’s been a kind of background thing; the sort where you feel horrible in the morning, but you gargle with salt water and take a hot shower and seventeen aspirin1 and pretend that you’re not really feeling bad, but by the time evening rolls around you want to buy a cheap coffin and take a really long nap. Anyway, it finally caught up with me this weekend., so that’s why there haven’t been any new posts.

I do have some posts brewing though, and hopefully, I’ll get around to posting them later on this week.

1I don’t really take seventeen aspirin. I almost never take aspirin, but when I am feeling really lousy, I usually take three regular strength aspirin, twice a day2.

2This is the type of hard hitting triviality that you can expect from this site. Aspirin quantities, irrelevant footnotes, fever induced rambling. You have been warned