Meet Paul Washer

This three minute long video is series of edited excerpts from a sermon delivered by Paul Washer to 5,000 Southern Baptist teenagers. It is quite simply phenomenal. [Note: the editing and the addition of music and video was not done by Mr. Washer nor by me.]

If you are interested in hearing the full sermon, you can find it here.

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  1. From about the age of 8 or 9 I felt really guilty about not believing what the church I was going to was telling me. I believed the stories of Jesus and the miracles but couldn’t put together the doctrine that I was being taught and the statues and superstition. After some years of very worldly living I was invited to a simple christian meeting run like 1 Corinthians 14v26-33. It rattled me to the core and I was baptised that night and found the Lord really moved upon me can’t really explain in words. A week later some of the guys were praying with me, they had shown me some scripture as in Acts 2 Acts 10 Acts 19 where the Holy Ghost had fallen and after some 10 minutes the Holy Ghost came upon me. As I was speaking in Tounges and the tears of absolute joy ran down my face a skiing injury I had from a trip to europe a few years prior was healed in moments. Since that time I have witnessed countless and dramatic miracles. It has not all been smooth sailing as 31 years have passed since then but consistent prayer and fellowship with faithful believers and reading my bible and simply believing that God has all the answers has made it my life and hope. Jesus is coming back.

  2. Is Paul Washer a Fundamentalist? Calvinist? I have never heard of him, but that seems to be what I am hearing in his speaking. Thank you.

  3. I have tried to show Gymbrall who is apparently the owner of this site the truth but they have chosen to block certain posters. I encourage you to investigate Paul Washer and his sermons and find out that not only does he promote works-based salvation, he also promotes mysticism. But since Gymbrall wants to live with rose colored glasses on….

    1. When have you tried to show me anything? As far as I know, today is the first day you’ve posted here. I haven’t blocked anyone at this site, nor have I removed any comments. There may be comments that haven’t been moderated yet, but that is only because I have work to do. I’ve watched the video you mentioned and I don’t see the issues you are trying to point out.

      1. You can’t hide behind your name now, GYMBRALL. You wouldn’t listen anyway instead choosing to shoo those who won’t play your petty games of “show me the proof”. Go ahead and keep wearing those rose colored glasses, Charles, Gymbrall, or whoever you say you’ll be next time. Keep being rude to those who won’t play with you.

  4. One thing that really scares me is the animosity of so many of the comments posted here. The insults, the sarcasm…I honestly believe that alot of you guys need to test yourselves to see if you truly know Christ.

  5. I’ve looked over the last few posts. Boy it is no wonder that people choose almost anything else other than Christianity. It seems everyone else is a lot clearer, as to what they believe and across the board the followers supposedly of Christ rather argue about what they don’t even verify by scripture. God is the word and Jesus is the word, All of it not some notion or vague idea. Paul Washer tells people to whom it applies to repent. It obviously applies to us all because we all come short here and there. Problem is we don’t pray and we are proud and stubborn and worst of all we don’t want to read scripture to check on our own health, but happy to stick it into someone when they’re prepared to shed light where we don’t want them to. Born again like Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19, or the directive in Acts 2v38 is the start everyone MUST have, then its going on reflecting and overcoming our nature which is evil at its core resisting the tempter as he is not far away, praying in the Spirit as outlined in Corinthians,look it up for yourselves, reading the scriptures, fellow-shipping in a wholesome and active church. Preaching about the word and what it says along with giving and living the testimony of the change of life you have. Read Revelations 12 and consider what it says. IF CHRISTIANS COULD UNITE AND STAND AND WALK AS WE”RE SUPPOSED TO WE WOULDN”T BE CONFRONTED BY THESE OTHER DOCTRINES AND CONFUSION. God and Jesus are of the same everything. Their desire, word and actions. We are not. They’re not lost we are. That is why we need everything God has, not every stupid opinion!

  6. When I hear the things Paul Washer says, I compare it to what I know of the Bible. His message convicts my heart and gives me a strong desire to repent of my sin and seek after a Holy God. It seems to me that people who are not convicted, and have negative things to say, are the very ones he is speaking about. May God have mercy on all of us, forgive us our sins, and lead us to righteousness. Anonymousbychoice is a GREAT example. Starts out by accusing Paul Washer, then turns the blame to the poster of this message. Remember believers, Satan stands before God day night accusing the brethren. Stand Fast, and when you have done all you can do, STAND. Shalom! Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.

    1. Morcaden: you are right on with your response. If at any time I find myself slipping, even in the slightest bit, I thank God that He has given me a preacher like Paul Washer to convict me and help me to remember the great privilege I have received to be chosen of God out of this world and brought into sonship. In my 24 years of salvation I have heard many preachers speak some powerful words from God. But this man is so used by God that every time I hear him God changes me more and more into His image through the preaching. The so-called shocking youth message is one of the finest sermons I have heard. This man loved those kids so much that he was willing to speak truth to them. He never stated works leads to salvation. He clearly stated that without works there is no proof that salvation ever happened. I fear for those who do not understand this because it makes me wonder if they have ever experienced the new birth. If they had then they would understand the radical and total change that God does in a person at that moment of salvation. From a God hater the Lord transforms us into a lover of God and through that love into a lover of men and their lost souls. We MUST go out in the Lord’s strength and care for the lost and we MUST, through God’s love now within us, love all of those who are truly God’s children. If this has not happened according to Mr. Washer then we have never been saved and I totally agree. I thank God for Paul Washer.

  7. la verdad duele pero es la realidad abunda un cristianismo con escusas increibles que despues de aber recivido la palabra siguieron como si jamas se les ubiese predicado del gran precio que Jesus pago en la crus y con su caminar niegan a Jesus…

  8. hi my name is Chris. as i have been listening 2 Dr. Washer i just am sooooooo stunned by what i hear him say!!!!!!!! but i`m sorry if any of u don`t agree w me but Dr. Washer is just telling the absolute straight up truth!!!!!!! although i do question some things he states nevertheless he is just telling us
    exactly how it is and how the bible is written!!!!!! 2 Corinthians 5:17-Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    he couldn`t have said that any clearer!!!!!!!

    sadly most preachers just teach u r a sinner saved by grace ahhhhhhhhhhhh wrong!!!!!
    it is just like the scripture says u r a new creature which means u have been crucified w
    Christ!!!!!!! now am i stating once u`ve been converted you r a perfect person? no.
    but u now walk by faith and u r made w new desires!!!!!!! u don`t want 2 sin anymore!!!!!
    that doesn`t mean u won`t. but when u do sin the holy spirit convicts u and draws u
    back 2 himself!!!!!!!!  is it possible 4 u 2 sin again once u`ve been saved? yes. is it
    possible 4 u 2 fall or b tempted in sin once saved? yes. is it possible 4 u 2 sin and remain
    in sin once u r converted? nope!!!!!!!!!!!

    let me give u an example:

    one of my Uncle`s died at the age of 28!!!!!!!! he was a christian we believe even though we`re 
    not just 100% sure!!!!!!!! at one time he lived 4 the lord and then he fell into sin and decided 2
    do ungodly stuff!!!!! he refused 2 return 2 the lord 4 many years and because of his bad decisions
    as a believer he wound up getting sick and it ultimately led 2 his death!!!!!!!!

    The thing is u can`t b a believer and just sin and abuse God`s mercies and sadly even 
    Christians still sin and abuse God`s mercies!!!!! when u sin against God as a believer and
    choose 2 just ignore the convictions he brings on your heart!!!!!!!! then it gets dangerous 
    4 u as a believer 2 keep influencing others by still living ungodly that ultimately God 
    w just have 2 take u out early!!!!!!! because as always anyway saved or not sin ultimately 
    leads 2 death!!!!!! the difference is if you`re a believer u cannot b happy sinning and u
    w b miserable running from God and then he has 2 just bring u on home so u r no
    longer a distraction 2 others around u!!!!!!!

    Paul Washer is just a man but listening 2 him sometimes u find out stuff that God uses through
    him 2 get your attention and give u a spiritual reality check!!!!!!!!!!!! some of us need it!!!!!!!!

  9. Mark 16 v 15  Jesus said Go into all the world and preach the Gospel …..baptised people would be saved and amoung other things they would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. Please google  healed by God, there are the most amazing healing testimonials from real and normal people that Jesus has touched like biblical times. 

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