The Dangers of Professional Clergy and Institutionalism

Over at the GeoffRe(y)port, there is an interesting post on the unintended consequences of professional clergy. As I understand it, the problem is not so much with the elder(s) being supported by the church, as it is with what happens when it becomes accepted that all elders are to be fully supported by the church, and that if you aren’t fully supported, something must be wrong. In the early church, when tithing and giving was at its peak, a pastor being completely supported was the exception rather than the rule. Anyway, go read the article and join the discussion there.

One thing that I’ll add here that didn’t make it into my original comment is that a professional fully supported clergy also results in a situation similar to that of institutional academia, in that you can frequently end up with people who have no experience in the real world. Early church elder’s had to be competent men; they were not fully supported by the church, they had families and therefore were required to have productive incomes and they also had to have time to tend to the church and to study the Word. Today, in certain circles, the ministry can be a lucrative and cushy career path.

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  1. Hi, well said, instituionalism becomes a huge trap it;s unable to be Spirit led with men micromanaging God through philosphy.The trouble is we generated much of our demise in so doing. 1 Corth 1-4 Kj3 Indicate a very different image than what we do today…. People become ever more dependant on others doing things for them, including thinking, paul warns of vain philosphies of men, we are to test what we hear, we who have the mind of Christ should be able to know the differnces of truth and error to see if it is true or not.One must remmber we live in spiritual warfare climate, it;s what controls the hearts of men one way or the other. Know it or not all man kind will seek what is to come in their death bed exercises.
    Based on many of the relious abause sights and cases, it make sense to start being a discernning body rather than merely sheep with eyes open wide shut. Restoration of the true ecclesia is not running to the world for it;s wisdom, or borrowing ancient pagan forms and calling it good, but to do as God as he has directed his people to do. lOVE TO ALL

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